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Troubled Beauty Queen Shares Dark Secrets

Just when you thought the Miss USA scandal couldn’t get any worse, Tara Conner spills secrets that are shocking the world.

In Tara’s first post-rehab interview with “Today’s” Matt Lauer, the beauty queen opened up and bared all, including the shocking fact that she may have been the victim of abuse.

“I really don’t want to talk about it,” Tara said of the rumored abuse. “Out of respect of my family, I have not discussed it with them yet, this is something I have to take one day at a time.”

Now 53 days sober, Tara Conner sat down with “Extra” as she got back to work in the Big Apple.

For the first time, the beauty queen answered the allegations of wild partying, underage drinking and drug use.

“I have used cocaine before,” she admitted.

When asked if she had used cocaine during her title reign, Tara responded, “Yes.”

The last time we saw Miss USA was when Tara appeared in tears at a press conference, alongside her boss, Donald Trump.

It was then that Conner denied she was an alcoholic, instead choosing to say, “We all have our demons.”

But on Thursday, Tara reversed that statement, admitting that she was a small town Kentucky girl spinning out of control in the bliss of the Big Apple.

“When it was time for me to walk away and take the sash off, I turned into a completely different person,” Tara admitted.

Tara also told us she is grateful to Donald Trump for giving her that now infamous second chance.

“He was the only one who had my back,” Tara acknowledged.

Now another beauty queen is coming to Miss USA’s defense: Tara’s roommate, Miss Universe Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza.

“All of us, we are very excited to have Tara back,” Zuleyka revealed.

While her close friends celebrate her recovery and triumphant return, Tara is keeping a healthy perspective on her recovery while reigning as Miss USA.

But the Tara Conner drama isn’t over just yet, as the man who saved Miss USA -- Donald Trump -- speaks out to “Extra” on Friday!