Meet 'Idol's' Newest Nonsingular Sensation

Meet Ian Benardo, the mouth that roars even louder than Simon Cowell’s, and who shocked the judges when he scolded Judge Dread in front of 30 million viewers Wednesday night on FOX.

“He threw me out of there after I started singing,” the wannabe “Idol” complained. “Because he’s a moron.”

When the Bronx, N.Y., native was quickly shunned by Simon, he spouted, “Who are you? Do you even have a working visa?”

After leaving his “Idol” audition in a tizzy, Ian became the talk of Hollywood on Thursday, and “Extra” has him enjoying every bit of his 15 minutes of fame.

“People recognize me everywhere I go,” he told us. “People are asking me about what my next career move is.”

So, what does Ian plan to do with his “Idol” fame?

“I really want to be a talk show host,” he revealed. “I really believe that I can be the next big American sensation.”

Ian got collagen just before he lipped off on national TV, but he confessed to “Extra” that Simon is not the only one who didn’t appreciate his performance.

“My father is humiliated; it’s horrible right now,” he admitted.

But was the humiliation worth it? Well, since we’re listening, I guess so!

Ian had just one thing left to say to Simon before we parted ways: “I should take his job because I have more witty things to say.”