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K-Fed's Big Super Bowl Score

He's most famous for his split from Britney, but now K-Fed is making headlines all on his own, landing a role on TV’s biggest night.

“Extra” got an exclusive look behind the scenes of Kevin Federline’s new Super Bowl video, in which Kevin pokes fun at his fast fall from fame in Nationwide’s “Life Comes At You Fast” campaign.

“I go from this superstar rapper back to working at fast food where I started when I was a teenager,” Federline revealed. “So you know it's funny, it's gonna be hilarious man.”

With his pop star ex back out on the town, Kevin has been laying low, agreeing to a temporary custody arrangement for their two sons.

“I always try to stay positive, no matter what,” he said.

2007 is the year he's determined to change the public's perception of him, and now, with Nationwide on K-Fed’s site, ’07 already looks like a super year!