Tell Us: Which 'King of Queens' Episode Is Your Favorite?

It was a celebration for blue collar TV royalty, as “King of Queens” became the toast of the town for its 200th episode!

The hit CBS series is the longest running sitcom on air. But this season, which makes nine seasons total, is also its last, which star Leah Remini still hasn’t fully accepted.

“When it finally does hit me, I’ll probably be very sad,” she said. “Like, ‘Oh my God, I don’t have a home anymore!’”

Remini’s TV husband, Kevin James, joked with “Extra” about how he’s changed over the years.

“About 10 pounds, 15 pounds heavier, maybe more,” he said.

But what will he miss the most once the show wraps for good?

“The money! Lot of the money!” James kidded. “Honestly, I’m going to miss my friendships with these people.”

Leah also dished that her upcoming time off many also mean more girl time with her close gal pal, Jennifer Lopez.

“Well, she’s super, super, super busy,” Remini said. “I'm like this much busy and she's that much busy. So when you see us together, it's a highlighted moment in time. We do a lot of shopping; we do a lot of girl stuff in a day or two days.”

Remini, who introduced J Lo to TomKat, also said that hanging with La Lopez has given her a new outlook on the paparazzi.

“There was a moment when I had my baby in the car when I was with Jennifer, and they have no respect for the law,” Leah told us. “These people break the law. I'm like, ‘Where’s a cop?’ [But] it’s fabulous to have real friends in this business.”

Watch “The King of Queens” gets down to business, as the final new episodes begin this April on CBS.

As the show’s final season nears, you tell us: which “King of Queens” episode is the best of all time?