Tips to Finding the Perfect Pair of Pants

If you’re searching for the perfect fitting pants, look no further!

“Extra” has the tips that the stars use, and our Tanika Ray is helping you get a leg up thanks to InStyle’s Toby Tucker Peters.

A common mistake women often make is overlooking the three must-haves: fit, flattery and comfort.

For heavy thighs, choose wide-legged pants in a dark color with some detail in the front.

For extra long legs, “Look for a pant in a men’s wear fabric with a cuff at the bottom, that way it gives an end to the pant,” Toby said.

If you’re short waisted, Toby told us, “You want to find a pant that hits you between your belly button and your hip bone; this will give you the illusion of a longer waist.”

For an instantly slimming look, stay away from anything skin tight and opt for wider pants instead.

“Wide pants will give you the illusion of a longer, leaner leg, especially when paired with a heel,” she dished.