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Get Ready to Spend It Like Beckham!

Girlfriends Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes set off a lightening storm in the City of Lights, as the pair dined at Voltaire and then shopped at Hermes.

Victoria is in Paris for the Chanel fashion show, where she told “Extra” she is thrilled about her new zip code.

“I'm very, very excited,” she said. “We all are, the whole family, the children can't wait. Obviously it's a fantastic move for us, we're very excited.”

David and Victoria aren't moving to the states until this summer, but the frenzy has already begun.

While Victoria’s $250 million man is playing for the Los Angeles Galaxy, People magazine Senior Editor Julie Dam told us that Victoria has some career moves of her own planned.

"Her big project right now is working on a fashion line,” Dam told us.

Victoria is also shopping for a new “Beckingham Palace” in a Beverly Hills neighborhood close to Tom and Katie.

Beverly Hills realtor to the stars Kurt Rappaport revealed, “You could spend in the tens if not the hundreds of millions of dollars putting the right property together.”

So brace yourself: just five months until the Beckhams take over Los Angeles!