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Christie Brinkley Faces Cheating Ex in Court

Ageless beauty Christie Brinkley was all smiles Monday, warmly greeting “Extra” at her divorce proceedings in Long Island.

As for Christie’s cheating ex, Peter Cook, he looked less than excited to be present for the courtroom drama.

Inside, the couple went at it for six hours as they finally agreed on child visitations.

“I’m hopeful that that everything will be resolved to their benefit,” Christie said of her children.

During breaks, Christie chatted on her pink cell phone, while Cook huddled with his lawyers.

“Extra” has learned that the main issues battled in court were Christie’s demands that Cook help their kids with their homework and not allow them to fly commercial during a code red terror alert.

By day’s end, Cook had finally agreed to Christie’s stringent terms.

“I have a wonderful judge,” Brinkley told us. “I have a lot of confidence in him and the decisions that he’ll be making on my children’s behalf.”

Speaking of the kids, Christie also told “Extra” exclusively how she protected them from the scandal that exploded just last summer.

“I took my children camping, and we went to the tops of the mountains in Colorado, where there were no TVs, no computers, no cell phone service,” she revealed. “We were blissfully unaware of the commotion going on over here.”

The Cover Girl also used the spotlight to talk about a cause close to her heart: “I feel that the environment is now the number one threat that our children face today. My children are very aware of all the environmental issues. Where other children might have lemonade stands, mine sell ‘stopglobalwarming.org’ bracelets.”

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