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Baseball Stud A-Rod Reveals His Hits and Can't Misses

Batter up! Sexy baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez is knocking it out of the park just for “Extra”.

Special Correspondent Lisa Petrillo threw the N.Y. Yankee slugger a couple of curve balls and
A-Rod swung back with a candid conversation about family and fame, while also divulging a surprising revelation about teammate Derek Jeter.

“I used to be sexy, but now that I play next to Jeter I’ve gone from a nine to a four,” Rodriguez joked.

Alex humbly added, “Jeter is truly the sexy one. I’d rather just hang out with him and see if some of his coolness can rub off.”

A-Rod also dismissed any notion that he might one day parlay his popularity into a career in politics. “Never politics. I actually hate politics,” he firmly stated.

What he does love is being with his wife Cynthia and little daughter Natasha. Alex gave “Extra” a rare look inside his life as a family man as fans joined to celebrate his daughter’s second birthday at the Miami Seaquarium.

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