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Rosie Takes on 'American Idol' Judges

On Thursday morning's "The View," Rosie O'Donnell dropped a bomb on "American Idol" and attacked America's three favorite judges.

"If you keep serving people crap, they're eventually going to think it's a meal," Rosie touted. "Three millionaires... one probably intoxicated. So sad."

Rosie's new war came the morning after an incredible 32 million people tuned in as Simon, Randy and Paula struggled in Seattle, taking aim at wannabes like Kenneth Briggs.

"You look like one of those creatures in the jungle with those massive eyes, what are they called? Bush baby," Simon told the "Idol" hopeful.

"To make fun of someone's physical appearance, is this what America thinks is entertainment?" Rosie challenged.

Only "Extra" had a backstage "View" pass with Thursday's guest host, "Idol's" season five sweetheart Kellie Pickler, who found herself caught in the "A.I." crossfire.

Kellie came to the judges' defense, insisting, "We all knew when we got in line for 'American Idol' there was a chance we could be embarrassed on national TV and humiliate ourselves; we knew that."

Meanwhile, as Rosie ripped apart the "Idol" judges, you better believe that Donald Trump wanted in on the action too, and "Extra" has it!

"She shouldn't be going after Simon, and she shouldn't be going after anybody," The Donald said. "Rosie is a mess."

While Rosie targets the "Idol" judges, it seems Paula and Ryan are involved in a war of their own. On Ryan's L.A. radio show, Paula attacked Ryan for not defending her behavior when he appeared on "The Tonight Show."

"Look, I don't look in their cups to see what's sitting before them on that table," Ryan told Jay Leno.

Paula attacked Ryan on the Los Angeles airwaves, as she inquired about his sit down with Leno.

"You know darn well there's nothing in any of our Coca-Cola cups, and you know darn well I've never gone out drinking," she snapped.

"I really feel like I try to keep the peace with you," he then told Paula, who accepted his apology, saying, "I love you."

But how long will the "Idol" love last?

Tune in to "American Idol" every week to find out!