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K-Fed: 'I'm Just Having Fun'

“Extra” was the only camera crew invited to the set of Kevin Federline’s commercial for Nationwide Insurance that will premiere during the Super Bowl next month.

“I’m just having fun,” K-Fed told us. “That’s what it’s all about. If you can’t have fun, there’s no reason to be in this business.”

On whether he thinks his career will be more of a challenge in 2007, he revealed, “Once people get to see that I don’t take myself too seriously, [that] I can joke about me…about anything; when people see that, they take you in a little more, and that’s all I ask.”

When asked if he would make an appearance at next month’s Grammy Awards, Kevin told us, “I’m not sure…it all depends.”

“I’m going through a lot of changes,” Federline added. “I always try to stay positive no matter what. I’m that guy that likes to rise above everything…I’m being me…upholding my character now…people will be able to learn more about me.”