Golden Globe Fashion Secrets Revealed

All eyes will be on the Golden Globe red carpet Monday night, but for now, the burning question remains: what will everyone wear?

“Extra” has learned that Angelina Jolie will stroll the red carpet in a St. John knit dress, and Beyoncé is expected to wear her own designer, House of Dereon.

But the outfits of the other ladies, including Penélope Cruz and Jennifer Lopez, remain a mystery.

At InStyle’s diamond fashion show preview, Golden Globe nominee Patricia Arquette revealed, “I’m wearing Riser Goodwin.”

But "Desperate Housewives" star Andrea Bowen was a little more tight-lipped, only telling us, “I’ve narrowed it down to two dresses. We’ll see what I show up in.”

Jennifer Hudson was also not sharing her Globes getup. “You'll have to wait and see on Monday night,” she said.

Fashion insiders told us that women will wear more color this year and dresses will have more old-style glamour.

According to Sally Morrison of the Diamond Information Center, the stars will be sporting lots more bling this year as well.

“We’re seeing diamonds used in unusual ways,” Morrison revealed. “Maybe tied around the waist as a belt. Definitely diamonds in the hair.”

“24” star Mary Lynn Rajskub is all about the latest diamond trend.

“I'm going to have so many diamonds that I won't be able to walk out of the house,” she insisted.

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