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Rosie, Trump Get Backup from Famous Friends

On Thursday morning, the ladies of "The View" officially dumped Trump as their hot topic, not uttering a word about the media hound.

On her personal blog, Rosie quipped, "DT who?"

But The Donald won't let it go, still firing away on the "Today" show.

"Watch what happens," Trump said. "After I'm finished with this and 'The View' goes back to being 'The View,' those ratings will tank."

The Donald continued to unleash his fury as a new player in the feud stepped in: Rosie's superstar pal, Madonna.

"I heard about it when I was in the middle of the Indian Ocean, so I sent her an e-mail, and I said, 'Is everything okay? What is going on?' I have to hear it from the horse's mouth," Madge dished.

Madonna added that she thinks Rosie is getting a raw deal from her critics.

"If people are giving Rosie a hard time, I wish they'd stop," she said. "I don't think it's fair."

As Rosie got some backup, "Extra" learned that Trump has a star supporter too: Star Jones!

We're told the former "View" host made a secret phone call to The Donald to wish him well.

"I've learned that sometimes modesty and humility shows the most strength and courage," Jones told The Donald.

But Star and Madonna aren't the only celebrities taking sides.

"Dancing with the Stars" favorite Mario Lopez told "Extra," as a former talk show host, he's surprised how the fight has escalated.

"Now, it's like back and forth. I'm waiting for the cage match," he joked. "I just think they should do a pay-per-view cage match."

So will New York's biggest feud ever end?

Tomorrow can only tell.