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Clip on Flowing Locks for Camera-Ready Beauty

If you want flowing, sexy hair that rivals the coifs of any red carpet event, “Extra” has the secret to getting that camera-ready look in just minutes.

Hollywood hair stylist Shann Beeman of the Shann Christen Studio Salon is showing us how to use clip-on extensions like a pro.

The secret ingredient? Extensions from a company called Top Secret Hair that start around $180.

Watch and learn as Shann teaches you how to style like pro from your very own home, and “Extra” takes you there!

To get more information or to purchase the hair products featured in this story, email Shann Beeman at You can also visit the Shann Christen Studio Salon at 9911 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles 90035 or call them at 323-350-6230.