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Rosie and Trump Take On Barbara Walters

It’s the bizarre new twist that has Donald Trump siding with Rosie O’Donnell against her boss, Barbara Walters.

The proof is in Trump’s “Dear Rosie,” letter obtained by “Extra,” about Barbara’s role in New York’s ugliest celebrity feud.

On Monday, Barbara told “View” viewers that, “Everything that he said that I said about her is totally untrue.”

Trump called Babs a liar first on “Extra,” and on Tuesday, he sent Rosie a letter stating that Barbara “lied to both of us.”

The latest comes as “Extra” uncovered a backstage brawl between Barbara and Rosie; Rosie recently attacked her legendary boss for not defending her enough on the air.

In Tuesday’s letter to Rosie, The Donald tells her Walters called him from vacation to “apologize for your behavior.”

Trump also claims Barbara said of Rosie, “Working with her is like living in hell; don’t worry, she won’t be here for long.”

The malicious letter then ends with the snide, “Give my warmest regards to Kelly,” who is Rosie’s partner.

However, on “The View,” Rosie was all smiles while Barbara was nowhere in sight.

Reps for the show confirm to “Extra” there was a backstage squabble, but that’s everybody has now moved on.

News of the feud sparked new speculation that Rosie may quit the daytime chat-fest.

But Walters told us, “We never know what Rosie’s going to say, but what she has not said is 'I'm leaving.'”

But does the body language between Rosie and Barbara reveal a chill?

We enlisted famed body language expert Tanya Ryman to look for tell-tale clues!

“As she's saying, ‘I’m still standing,’ you see that? What she does with her eyebrows? They go up,” Ryman showed us.

“This is an unconscious gesture and what she’s saying really is that she's not very happy with the way the situation has wound up,” she dished.

If Rosie were to leave, it could be bad news for the show; the gabfest is up by almost 500,000 viewers since Rosie signed on.