Real-Life 'Heroes' Shine on NBC

Masi Oka is one of the real-life heroes of “Heroes,” the red-hot NBC series about a band of strangers brought together by their super-human powers.

Only “Extra” joined the superhero cast as they toasted Oka and their show, after both picked up Golden Globe nominations.

“I’m absolutely psyched,” Oka confessed. “But I’m more psyched about the show; I think that’s the great thing.”

“Heroes” is up for Best Dramatic Series, while Masi is in the running for Best Supporting Actor as the guy who can travel through time and also stop it.

But Masi revealed to us that he actually slept through the announcement.

“I woke up with 82 text and e-mail and voice messages,” he admitted.

Masi is still trying to come back down to earth after the prestigious nomination, revealing if he could travel in time, he would “totally go to the night of the Golden Globes, where the show has won the Golden Globe!”

We’ll find out if Masi really can see into the future, as well as travel into it, at the Golden Globe Awards on Jan. 15.