Timberlake Takes on 'Alpha Dog' Premiere Solo

Justin Timberlake was undeniably the "Alpha Dog" in Hollywood Wednesday night.

All eyes were on the sexy heartthrob as he flew solo to the premiere of his first major role just hours after reports exploded that JT had split with longtime gal pal Cameron Diaz.

But ever the gentleman, Justin was mum on his lady love when he spoke to "Extra" right after being mobbed by adoring fans.

"I don't think you get used to it," he said of all the attention.

Before the red carpet premiere, Justin sat down with Jay Leno on "The Tonight Show," where the hot topic was still centered on his recent sketch -- about "a male appendage in a box," as Jay referred to it -- on "Saturday Night Live."

So when our Tanika Ray caught up with the top dog, she presented Justin with a custom gift box from "Extra"... just in case he's planning a sequel.

"I think we have a remix on our hands," he said.

Also on hand for the night's festivities was co-star Sharon Stone, who plays Timberlake's mother in the movie.

The stunning real-life mother confessed that her sons are going through their own growing pains.

"All three of my children are teething at the same time," she said. "My big boy is getting his big boy teeth and my littlest boy got his first tooth today."

Meanwhile, it was nothing but praise for Justin, who is cutting his teeth as an actor in his first leading role as a gang member in "Alpha Dog."

"I think there's going to be a lot of good work for him in the future in movies," Sharon said. "I think he's a real actor."

See for yourself when "Alpha Dog" is unleashed at the box office Jan. 12.