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Former Miss USA Reacts to Trump's 'Second Chance'

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Miss USA 1995, “Dancing with the Stars” darling Shanna Moakler, came to “Extra” to share her reaction to the current pageant scandal.

“I think about pageants what people don’t really understand is that these girls come from small towns,” Moakler pointed out. “She’s [Miss USA 2006 Tara Conner] in Trump Tower, she’s moved to New York, she’s getting makeovers, shopping sprees. She starts attending events with lots of different celebrities; she probably started to feel invincible.”

Moakler also believes this controversy will make Conner a memorable Miss USA.

“No one knows who won Miss USA four years ago, but they are going to remember who almost got dethroned for excessive partying,” Moakler said.

While Shanna makes light of the serious situation, Miss America 2006 Jennifer Berry revealed to “Extra” she is serious about the role of a beauty queen and believes others should be as well.

“When you are blessed with the an honor such as the crown of Miss America or even the crown of Miss USA, I personally had to know that I had to sacrifice some things that people my age would be doing,” Berry said. “And that’s what comes with the honor and the responsibility.”