Mary Wilson On the New Film, 'Dreamgirls'

The original "Dreamgirls" are responsible for some of the biggest hits in music history.

Now, "Supremes" songstress Mary Wilson is hitting the "Extra" stage to talk about the super group that spawned classic hits like "Stop in the Name of Love" and classic feuds like the one between Mary and lead singer, Diana Ross.

Tanika Ray: How right on was this movie?

Mary Wilson: I had a private screening, and I'm crying. I'm like tears rolling down my ears, I'm like sob, sob. It was closer to the truth than they even know.

TR: When you found out they were going to make this into a movie, what was your initial reaction?

MW: Well, first of all, I was very happy because it's been a long time coming. Of course, I would have preferred had it been based on my book. (Mary's tell-all book, "Dreamgirl and Supreme Faith: My Life as a Supreme" explores the Supremes' legacy.) We did some great things, and it needs to be known.

TR: There were definitely legendary battles with Diana Ross grabbing the spotlight, and that eventually split the group. Do you think this movie could bring you back together?

MW: It would have to be something she would want. And if she doesn't, then it just won't happen.

TR: How was Diana Ross back then? How close was she to Deena in this movie?

MW: Nowhere near it. Not near it.

TR: She wouldn't have been as sweet?

MW: You said it!

TR: There are so many stars in the new "Dreamgirls" film. Who do you think steals the show?

MW: Eddie Murphy. He just brought it home, that male entertainer from the fifties.

TR: So I hear you're going to be our guest correspondent at this weekend's Hollywood premiere of "Dreamgirls"?

MW: I am! What should I wear?

TR: Something fabulous, honey.

Don't worry Mary, "Extra" is going to make your "Dreamgirls" experience one dream night!