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‘Dreamgirls’ Dazzles Manhattan

With wedding buzz in the air, a glammed up Beyoncé rocked the red carpet Monday night at the New York premiere of “Dreamgirls.”

Beyoncé wouldn’t say whether she’ll marry her main man, Jay-Z, this weekend, as is rumored, but she did reveal that she had a surprise performance planned for him.

“I have a special surprise,” she revealed. “It’s Jay’s birthday today, and he doesn’t know his gift yet but after the movie he’ll find out.”

Meanwhile, critics are already singing the praises of Beyoncé and the film’s breakout star, “American Idol” alum Jennifer Hudson.

Jennifer gave “Extra” an exclusive sneak preview on the red carpet by singing for us, as did her co-star Anika Noni Rose.

Even Oscar winner Jamie Foxx, who looked sharp in his Burberry coat, sang us a tune.

One “Dreamgirls” star who wouldn’t sing, however, was Eddie Murphy; but he told us he’s just happy to be back in the Big Apple.

“This used to be my town before Puffy came along and took it over,” he joked. “It was my town in the ‘80s. I got a leather suit in the trunk, and we’re going to have one more night in Eddie Murphy town.”

But Eddie revealed not to count on his return to the stand-up stage, especially after witnessing the Michael Richards meltdown make headlines.

“Back in the old day in the comedy clubs, you could do anything on stage,” he said. “And I’m not saying what the guy said was cool, but you would never see that on the news. So I’m thinking if I’m on stage, working on a bit…’Oh my God! Top story tonight: Eddie Murphy said this…’ Everyone, Jesse Jackson’s outraged, knocking on all the doors in America to apologize. I don’t want to be that guy.”

Catch Eddie, Beyoncé and the rest of the dream cast when “Dreamgirls” opens in theaters Christmas Day.