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Couples Invade Billboard Music Awards

From Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri to Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, the night's hottest couples rushed down the red carpet at the Billboard Music Awards Monday.

But the evening was not without its share of singles. Denise Richards attended the event solo, and she opened up to "Extra" about her split from Charlie Sheen.

"Charlie and I are in a great place," Denise dished, adding, "Divorce is ugly; I will never go through another one."

As for her future with Richie Sambora, the former Bond girl revealed, "I would love more kids."

Meanwhile, Dave Navarro arrived just minutes before ex-wife Carmen Electra, and we asked him how he was enjoying life as a single man.

"My life as a single man is awesome, but I would primarily attribute that to being best friends with my ex-wife," Dave admitted.

A notion that Carmen agreed with: "I think it's really beautiful that we've been able to stay friends and do it in such a respectful, peaceful way."

Courtney Love spilled the beans about her own love woes, after we commented on her stunning appearance.

"I look a little chunky," she confessed. "I got depressed over a guy, and I ate angry menstrual ice cream."

While she wouldn't reveal the identity of the man who holds her heart, Courtney did had plenty to say about new mom Britney Spears' recent late-night partying with Paris Hilton.

"Say what you will about me, and I'm not passing judgment, but when I had my daughter, I stayed home with her almost every night for the first year of her life," Love said.

Supermodel Janice Dickinson echoed those sentiments, and told "Extra" it's time for the pop princess to hang up her party pants and be a mom.

"I mean, even I had give up my wild ways and buckle down and become a parent," Dickinson insisted. "Paris is not the nanny; Britney should hang with the nannies and the children."

Inside the big event, "Extra" was backstage at the official People magazine portrait gallery, where Frances Bean watched Mommy Courtney strike a pose. It was also the place where the night's biggest winner, Mary J. Blige, came to Britney's defense.

"I think that at her age, we all have been in those situations where we got involved with some guy that we thought really liked us, and it turns out he just really liked himself," the R&B diva explained. "I love Britney, and I think that she'll turn it around real good; she's already started to turn it around."

Blige picked up nine awards, but lost Female Artist of the Year to Rhianna, who also beat out Beyoncé.

"I never imagined in a 100 years that I'd ever win an award against the two of them," a surprised Rhianna said.