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Britney and Paris: Hollywood's Newest Best Friends?

Picture of Yaniece Thomas
Fresh off her split from Kevin Federline, Britney Spears is finding company in none other than Paris Hilton.

“Extra” spotted the party-ready couple as they stepped out Friday night at a party in the Hollywood Hills, where newly single Brit apparently left the house without an important piece of clothing: her underwear!

As the paparazzi swarmed the single starlets, a protective Paris tried to teach Ms. Brit a lesson in paparazzi etiquette.

“We’re going home to her babies,” Hilton said of their plans.

But until the girls got home, who was home with the kids?

One thing is for sure: it definitely was not Britney’s soon-to-be ex-husband, Kevin Federline. “Extra” spotted K-Fed partying in Las Vegas at Tao nightclub.

Back to Brit, after some late night cuddle time with her sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James, Mama Spears decided to take little Sean on a Saturday afternoon shopping trip with Auntie Paris in Malibu.

The shutterbugs thought they hit the jackpot when they spotted the sassy stars shopping, but the weekend fun was only beginning.

Come nightfall, Britney let it all hang out once again with her newest accomplice.

Both Brit and Paris wore matching fishnet stockings on their right legs only as they hit Club Hyde, but did they later flee the scene of a crime?

Lindsay Lohan says yes!

“This is where Paris Hilton hit me,” Lohan pointed. “She hit me and poured a drink on me. And it hurts and it’s not okay.”

It’s true; Miss Lohan claimed she was on the receiving end of a Paris diss inside the trendy nightclub.

But on Sunday, as Paris and Brit showed up for another round in Hollywood, a photographer asked Paris if she really hit Lohan.

“No, ask her,” Paris said. “She’s right there.”

“Paris never hit me, she’s my friend,” Lindsay later said. “Everybody lies about everything; she’s a nice person.”

After a wild weekend like this, we can’t wait to see what Britney, Paris and maybe Lindsay have in store for the coming party weekend.