Music's Brightest Stars Rock the AMAs

The red carpet at the American Music Awards looked more like a runway that an awards show, as the stars made a grand entrance donning eye-popping style.

Host Jimmy Kimmel kicked the show off with a scathing opening bit on K-Fed, in which he called Britney's soon-to-be ex, "The world's first ever no-hit wonder," before introducing the newly single pop princess herself.

Britney was reportedly not happy with Jimmy's joke, but she took the stage anyways to present the night's first award to Mary J. Blige.

Of course, Brit's new BFF Paris Hilton wasn't far behind, and the two joined forces to do a little post-show partying at the residence of the hotel heiress.

Back at the official American Music Awards Getty portrait studio, Mario Lopez revealed the truth about his Vegas weekend with Britney.

"We had a mutual friend, and we all just kind of hung out a little bit," Mario dished, adding that there was no dance-off battle between them.

Earlier in the day, Beyonce was the first to arrive on the red carpet in a stunning Elie Saab gown.

The singer told "Extra" the one thing she was looking forward to most: "Jay-Z's performance."

But we couldn't wait to watch Beyonce kick off the show with her hit "Irreplacable."

And just before the show started, our Tanika Ray was backstage with the real-life "Dreamgirl," who couldn't wait to kick off her heels: a mile-high pair of platform shoes.

"I can't wait to take them off," she admitted.

Out on the red carpet, we caught up with the super foxy Jamie Foxx, who was still steaming over Michael Richards' now infamous racial rant.

"If I'd been in the audience, he would've had to put his dukes up," Foxx said. "He probably should go get him a private island somewhere cause if I see him...!"

But moments after accepting the Favorite Male Soul R/B Arist Award, Jamie was feeling nothing but love and became overwhelmed by a very special guest in the audience.

"My mom is in the audience. You know, I haven't seen my biological mother in years," he said. "My grandmother raised me, so to see her see me win..."

Katharine McPhee wowed the crowd in a barely there Randolph Duke number, and then played along with John Mayer's admission to "Extra" that she was his favorite "American Idol."

"I'm so excited to see John Mayer," Katharine said.

But how did her actor boyfriend feel about that? "Right here, right here," he jokingly challenged, as Kat revealed she was only kidding.

Speaking of Mr. Mayer, we asked him about his rumored relationship with Ms. Jessica Simpson. So what's the real deal behind the pictures and tabloids?

"The real deal is I'm trying to have fun in my life and be a respectful guy," Mayer said. "And I'm having a really fun time in my life, maybe for the first time in a while."

Although always a gentleman, we did get the crooner to admit Jess is one hot mama!

"She's a very sweet girl," he said.

The other Simpson, Ashlee, is back from her successful run in "Chicago," and told "Extra" she is now living with big sis Jess for the first time in years!

"It's a lot of fun; good sisterly bonding time!" Ashlee dished.

Another star-studded night in Hollywood has come and gone, but "Extra" wants to send one last congratulations to all of the American Music Award winners!