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Heather Mills Tackles the Rumors

It’s Heather Mills McCartney on motherhood, marriage and the tabloid headlines claiming she’s dating her trainer.

The former Beatle bride and avid humanitarian sat down with “Extra” to put all the rumors to rest.

As she opened up in this exclusive one-on-one, Heather confessed she genuinely loved Paul McCartney and never anticipated things to turn out the way they did.

Now, after a painful divorce and broken heart, does Heather foresee herself getting married again down the road?

“Never. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t fall madly in love or have a soulmate or anything like that, but I would never go through this again. Never. It’s too devastating,” Heather said.

New rumors say Heather has already found a new soulmate in Ben Amigoni, her trainer of three years. But according to Heather, they are nothing more.

“I feel so bad for him and his family and everyone else that's been accused of being my lover,” she said. “My brother was accused of being my lover because they've never seen a picture of him before. My make up artist, who's fantastic, has been accused of being my lover. I've had a lot of lovers that I haven't had.”

After suffering in the public eye at the expense of fame, Heather also confided she could live a normal life out of the spotlight.

“I’d wish I’d never gone down that route,” she said. “But for my charity, no. When I started off in the landmine cause, we’re talking in the first six years, we fitted 27,000 people with artificial limbs just by me collecting second hand limbs; in the second six to seven years we've done 400,000.”

And even though Heather was married to a billionaire, she related to the needy because once upon a time she was one of them!

“I was homeless for a few months. I used to go for a washing in waterloo in Victoria’s station,” she admitted. “I kind of went through things that made me who I am now; made me strong; made me determined to move on.”

Heather is now drawing on that strength to give her 3-year-old daughter Beatrice as normal a life as possible.

“I would love to just have her in my bed and protect her, but I’m trying to help her cope with life skills because eventually she’s going to leave the nest,” Heather stated.

Mills is raising Beatrice as a vegan, after making the switch from vegetarian to vegan a year and a half ago.

And now she hopes to spread the health benefits of a vegan lifestyle with the world.

“My dream is to open a fast food vegan chain, but people don't know it's vegan they just go in and go 'oh let's try this' and it's a whole market and experience,” she shared.

While it’s hard to imagine Heather has any down time, she admitted she has one very American guilty pleasure: “My girlfriend introduced me to ‘Desperate Housewives,’ and I’m totally hooked,” Heather said.

But would she ever be game for a guest appearance?

“Oh my God yeah, it’d be fantastic,” Heather exclaimed.

Only “Extra” took the offer straight to series creator Mark Cherry, who told us, “If Heather Mills McCartney can act, I'd be interested, that'd be fascinating.”

Now that’s a real-life cliffhanger and one you can bet “Extra” will bring it to you first!