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Brangelina Defends Arrested Bodyguard

Picture of Yaniece ThomasAngelina Jolie’s controversial bodyguard was arrested in India. Luckily, Brad Pitt came to his rescue.

Police arrested the burly bodyguard after a scuffle at a local school, where Angelina is shooting her new movie, “A Mighty Heart.”

Parents at the school accused Mickey Brett, the bodyguard who famously choked a photographer last month, of roughing them up and making racial slurs as they simply tried to pick up their kids from school.

After Brad bailed the bodyguard out of police custody, he sat down with the Oprah of India, NDTV’s Barkha Dutt, to defend the outrageous accusations.

“We would never, ever hire these kinds of people. We would not work with these kinds of people,” Brad said of the alleged racial slurs. “We have an interracial family; it’s very important to us that our kids grow up understanding their own respective cultures.”

Angelina also spoke out on behalf of their security, insisting the guards were trying to protect the children from the paparazzi.

On Friday she told “Extra,” “It’s not surprising that the press involved failed to mention their share of the responsibility in the chaos.”