Farrah Fawcett: The Fight of Her Life

During Farrah Fawcett’s fight of her life, two of her greatest loves are speaking out to “Extra.”

“I know she’s going to pull through this,” the “Angel’s” ex-husband, Lee Majors, said on the record, as he opened up for the first time about Farrah’s brave battle with cancer.

“She’s working very hard and getting through it,” he added.

Farrah’s tragic diagnosis in September reunited Farrah with another former flame, Ryan O’Neal.

She had held his hand when he battled leukemia, and now we’ve learned she’s splitting her time between her house and Ryan’s home.

Ryan confides to “Extra” they have an unbreakable bond.

“We have a beautiful son, and anything’s possible,” he confessed. “We’re doing very well, I can say that much.”

We’ve also learned Farrah is two-thirds of the way through her grueling radiation treatments in Los Angeles, where she continues to astound her doctors with her strength, in spite of a recent setback that landed her in the hospital.

Lee admitted it’s a good thing Farrah has Ryan’s hope.

“Ryan’s a good guy, I wish him well; and he’ll take care of her,” Lee said.

We caught up with Majors at the premier of “National Lampoons: TV the Movie.”

Back in the ‘70s, the $6 million man and the “Angel” were Hollywood’s golden couple! And now Lee is revealing what doomed their Hollywood ending!

“I saw her two weeks in one year due to work,” he explained. “And absence doesn’t make the heart grow fonder.”

Despite their past, Lee sent a poignant message to his former real-life “Angel”: “Just fight the fight and you’ll come out of it okay.”