'CSI: Miami' Tackles Serial Killer Connection

A serial killer preying on beautiful young models -- sounds like a plot for a television drama.

But for “CSI: Miami” star Eva LaRue, this story wasn’t taken from a page of her script; it was taken from a terrifying chapter of her real life.

“Most girls grow up with this dream of being a model or an actress,” Eva confessed.

When the starlet sat down with “48 Hours” correspondent Bill Lagattuta, she revealed that as a star-struck teenager, she and her sister would travel to modeling contests and often pose for unknown photographers in the hopes of being discovered.

“To get the photos from the photographers, you would give them your home address and your home phone number,” Eva said.

In the 1980s, Eva and her sister, Nika, were both photographed by Bill Bradford, and the long forgotten photographer recently came back into their lives when police discovered he was a serial killer.

Desperate to identify more victims, they released a poster of photos found stashed in his home, including Nika’s.

“There were about three rolls of film he had taken of me,” Nika shared, which Eva had a hard time digesting.

“I don’t think I was thinking. You’re looking at a picture of your little sister, of your baby sister, who is found amongst a cache of missing and unknown girls that came from a serial murderer,” she said.

“I think Eva was disturbed, just like her sister was,” Bill told us. “Just to remember how close they might have come to this killer’s grasp.”

Eva also told her story to the writers of “CSI: Miami,” and on Monday night’s episode, Eva’s character goes on a desperate hunt to save her missing sister.

“I couldn’t be connected to it, as crazy as that might sound,” Eva said. “Because I hadn't yet connected to it myself.”

Catch more of Eva and Nika’s frightening brush with a serial killer, this Saturday on CBS’s “48 Hours Mystery.”