'Bobby' Captivates Hollywood, Marks Emilio's Return

Picture of Yaniece Thomas
It was an all-star night in Hollywood Wednesday, as Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore led the way down the red carpet, looking old school glamorous in a black on black tux and plunging dress.

The sexy couple joined Sharon Stone, Lindsay Lohan and the other actors who made up the amazing “Bobby” cast to celebrate Emilio Estevez’s triumphant return to the Hollywood spotlight.

“This is outrageous, this is overwhelming,” Emilio said of the fan fare.

Emilio’s co-star, Sharon, revealed just how proud she is of her longtime friend.

“Every time he takes this picture to another country and gets another standing ovation, I feel like a proud mother,” Sharon admitted.

From a proud mother to a daughter, Sharon’s date for the night was her daddy, Joe.

William H. Macy made it to the event just in time, as did Lindsay Lohan, who said she learned a few lessons from the legendary cast.

“Be on time, be on time,” she said. “I am on time, actually!”

But the night truly belonged to the anchor of “Bobby,” the legendary Robert Kennedy.

“Politics and politicians are sort of tarnished these days,” Macy said. “I think we're waiting for a Bobby Kennedy.”

So how much did this all-star cast cost? Not much, considering all of the actors were paid virtually nothing by Hollywood standards.

“They said yes to me, they said yes to this, and they said yes to the spirit of Bobby Kennedy,” Emilio said. “And that is… it’s a gift.”

Meanwhile, Daryl Hannah, Christine Lahti and Wilmer Valderrama were added as Official Jurors of AFI FEST 2006 presented by Audi, taking place in Los Angeles from November 1-12. Tickets are currently on sale at