T-Shirts: Fall's Must-Have Fashion Statement

Hollywood is falling for this fall's fashion craze: the t's that are this season's must sees!

Madonna expresses herself with a one-of-a-kind Ed Hardy designs, while Heather Locklear and Queen Latifah love to sport his look too!

"Madonna is our new favorite. She's loving us," revealed Ed Hardy's Raelyn Hennessee. "It's all tattoo artwork. This is all done by Ed Hardy's hands. He's created all this."

So, why wear a statement on your tee? "It's more of a way for you to be loud and expressive without the pain," Raelyn explained.

Another fall fashion must have: "Shadang," in which ancient Chinese symbols become powerful statements.

Based on his work with Kung Fu and Thai Chi monks, designer Rafi Anteby fuses his martial arts and graphic design skills to create this season's most therapeutic tee.

"There are alternative medicines that use colors to heal various things," Rafi pointed out.

So pick your healing color! Each t-shirt, with its own empowerment and healing message, comes in five colors with each color representing a specific body organ and feeling.

"When you wear one of those colors, it allows you to influence your environment as well as influence yourself," Rafi said.

Say what's on your mind this season with Hollywood's hottest fall fashion tees!