Want to Know What to Wear? Let 'Extra' Help!

If you are looking for the newest, most fashionable hot new items, look no more! "Extra" did all the work for you!

Gavin Pant
www.gavinpant.com or (213) 624-9499

Gavin Trousers -- Halle, Jennifer and Ashlee can't get enough of these sexy pants, and you'll feel the same way about the great fabrics and amazing details. Plus, they hug you in all the right places. "Ashlee Simpson bought this pant because she wanted a great pant to wear on tour," Julia Chase showed us. "What woman wouldn't want a great, sexy, tailored, beautiful pant that fits amazingly well?"

Tryb by Ayurvedic
What a Girl Wants (908) 696-0084

Tryb's Ayurvedic -- If you want to mix your spirituality with style, check out these gemstone t-shirts. Based on ancient Indian astrology, each stone represents a particular month. And each word describes your main personality trait. Gina Paoloni says it's all about clothing that is hip and fresh. "Each collection that we do has a bit of a story to tell," she said.

Goldsign Jeans

Goldsign Jeans -- If you want to pair your hip new t-shirt with jeans instead of trousers, look no further. These luxurious jeans, created by Adriano Goldschmied, are adored by Sharon and Demi. Adriano says his jeans are romantic, sophisticated with tailored stitching, hand embroidery, vintage details and cool washes. "I love to make things very wearable and simple," he revealed.