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Harry Hamlin on the Secret of His Long Marriage to Lisa Rinna

Harry Hamlin on the Secret of His Long Marriage to Lisa Rinna

Sexy Harry Hamlin is the men's cover of Lapalme magazine's winter issue (Mädchen Amick is the women's), and he's talking about his long career and still-hot relationship with wife Lisa Rinna inside!

Shot by Filbert Kung on location at Norah in West Hollywood
Recapping a Titan-ic career

Referring to his nearly 30-year union with Rinna as "miraculous," the 67-year-old heartthrob tells the magazine, “We’re still firing on all cylinders after 26 or 27 years. It simply comes down to: we really like each other — and — we're complete opposites. We never get tired of each other's stories."

How are they opposite? Harry reveals, "Lisa is a master of social media and pop culture. My real interests are the political and scientific. Listen, we put a lot of time in therapy and talking and reading books and trying to figure out how to create a foundation for a family."

Filbert Kung for Lapalme
Ch-check it out!

Something else he's put a lot of time into is his brilliant career, which he recalls jump-starting with pure passion. "Regarding the acting thing, I went zero to 60 out of acting school. I did four or five motion pictures. I acted in some controversial films. Then I did 'L.A. Law' — the gamechanger of my career." He concedes that "the choices became more limited after that" because "people came to see me that way, as one kind of actor — a guy wearing suits and ties."

Filbert Kung for Lapalme
Flirty Harry says he and Lisa Rinna are going strong because their chemistry is still there.

Still, Hamlin has gone on to possess one of Hollywood's most diverse résumés, from the action flick "Clash of the Titans" (1981) to the groundbreaking gay-themed drama "Making Love" (1982) to an arc on "Mad Men" (2013-2014) to stints on reality TV and a grueling effort on "Dancing with the Stars" (2009). Of his three-week appearance on that show, Hamlin — a mountain climber — warns, "You have no clue how challenging it is, how physical. It takes real endurance — a little bit like climbing Mount Everest without oxygen. I’ve done Broadway, but I wasn't really a dancing man. Stars was about the most challenging physical thing I've ever done. The ones who win are total athletes."

Filbert Kung for Lapalme
If you think "Dancing with the Stars" is easy, Harry's here to tell you — it ain't.

Lately, Hamlin has been investing time in TAE Technologies, telling Lapalme, "We’re building an electric car that will make my Tesla look like a toy. We have also worked on cancer treatment."

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Discussing career longevity with Burgess Meredith in "Clash of the Titans" in 1981.

Hamlin's success can be chalked up to his acting ability, but also to an X factor everyone around him notices. Lapalme's creative director Derek Warburton says of Harry, "There's just something about Harry. I love anyone that has a crazy journey. When I was a kid, I was obsessed with Greek mythology. That is when I discovered Harry Hamlin starring as Perseus in the cult classic 'Clash of the Titans.' Then from being People's Sexiest Man Alive to 'L.A. Law' and 'Mad Men,' he became a debonair heartthrob of the '80s and '90s. Now he has pulled way back and has become one of America's most famous House Husbands to Lisa Rina and has his It-girl daughters with an environmental company on the brink of changing the way we live. What can you say about Harry? Complicated, solid, debonair, and always up for an adventure."

Derek Warburton Filbert Kung
Filbert Kung for Lapalme
Derek Warburton poses with the ageless Harry Hamlin

Check out more of the interview with Hamlin in Lapalme, on stands now!