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Kevin Hart Pays It Forward, Plus: Will He Have More Kids?

Kevin Hart Pays It Forward, Plus: Will He Have More Kids?

Kevin Hart is one of the busiest men in Hollywood, but he still finds time to give back!

Only “Extra’s” Tanika Ray was with Hart as his Help from the Hart Charity partnered with the United Negro College Fund to surprise 18 students with college scholarships. How did he feel making such a difference in children’s lives? Kevin said, “It was great, man, not a Kevin Hart moment — it’s not about me, it’s about the kids that were in that room, ya know? That’s a moment for them that’s a moment for them to realize that people care.”

"It was an honor to partner up with UNCF and KIPP and make this moment a reality," he went on to say.

UNCF CEO Michael Lomax added about Hart, “He’s a philanthropist and he is determined to have his way. A lot more young people need his inspiration.”

Speaking of kids, Hart also dished on life at home with wife Eniko, who gave birth to their first child, Kenzo, in January. The 39-year-old said of their baby boy, “He’s saying 'dada,' that’s all that matters. That baby is, that baby falling all over the place, all over the damn house, man. I just laugh, that’s all I do. I just let it happen, learn from it.”

Kevin also gave an update on his claim that he hadn’t changed any of his newborn’s diapers, saying, “I’ve changed a couple… I had two babies where I was a diaper-changing machine. I don’t want to get none of that on my hands anymore. This is number one for my wife. Now, honey, go at it… You ultimately end up doing it.”

It has been a familiar process! “Seeing your baby go through the stages," he said, "it brings back memories and it lights a baby fire in you. You’re like, 'Oh, God, do we want more? Do we want to do it again?'”

Are Kevin and Eniko planning to have more kids? He revealed, “I don’t know, man… having three is amazing, four becomes complicated — it’s tough to get out the house now… the house got loud.”

On the professional front, Hart is getting ready to shoot “Jumanji 2” in January, but didn’t spill any details. He took the opportunity, instead, to poke fun at his co-star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, joking, “I can tell you that that The Rock is unattractive.”

He is also continuing his Irresponsible tour, giving his funny take on politics. He pointed out, “As a comedian, you do what you feel makes people laugh… I personally am a comedian that loves to talk about myself and what I know... If I’m doing it right, I’m happy. I don’t like to divide. People come to a show to laugh; I don’t take that time to divide.”

As for why he has banned cell phones from his shows, Kevin explained, “I don’t allow the cell phones 'cause I want you to be engaged. I work very hard on my tour! It’s a production.... Enjoy what I worked hard to build and appreciate it by just giving me your eyeballs.”

For more on Kevin’s Help from the Hart Charity, visit UNCF.org!