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How David Spade Is Honoring Late Sister-in-Law Kate Spade

How David Spade Is Honoring Late Sister-in-Law Kate Spade

Six weeks after the shocking suicide of his sister-in-law, famed designer Kate Spade, David Spade is sharing how he is honoring her by helping others.

At the L.A. premiere of his Netflix film “Father of the Year," Spade old “Extra” that he recently donated $100,000 to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) in Kate’s name. He said, “I did it for not really knowing what to do and trying to help somebody else in that situation, maybe.”

He went on to say his memories of Kate are strong and positive, noting, “I remember a great spirit, a great, fun, vibrant, sweet girl, very smart, that really knew what she was doing in her business and with my brother. They were both so good, they made such a big, big impact and a big company that I see every day, and it’s sorta nice to be reminded every day.”

In "Father of the Year," the actor and comedian plays the alcoholic father of a guy who bets his dad could beat his friend’s dad in a fight. David pointed out, “It was just fun to play something a little different than normal.”

Spade is never afraid to crack a joke at his own expense, talking about his nude scene in the film — which is already getting negative Yelp reviews from the trailer! He smiled, saying of the nudity, “It's better than the front. So as long as we stay in the back, we're all right.”

Spade is also still doing stand-up comedy sets, inviting his fans to "come out and see me.”

“Father of the Year” is streaming on Netflix now.