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'The Bachelor' Chris Soules’ Past Reckless Driving Exposed

'The Bachelor' Chris Soules’ Past Reckless Driving Exposed

After being involved in a fatal collision, Chris Soules’ driving record is becoming a topic of conversation.

Over ten years ago, Soules was convicted of DUI. In a court document obtained by “Extra,” Soules reportedly “passed out behind the wheel of his car at the intersection of D Ave and Hwy 3” on November 27, 2005. An officer noted that “I could smell a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his person. The defendant consent to perform field sobriety test an failed all three test… tested over .08 BAC and was taken into custody.”

In 2002, Soules allegedly left the scene of a car accident. In a police report obtained by Radar, Soules was charged with leaving a scene of a property damage and not stopping at a stop sign. The report read, "[Soules’ vehicle] immediately left the scene of the accident and never attempted to make contact with or check on the condition of the driver. [Soules] was contacted within hours after the accident and admitted to driving vehicle one and striking vehicle two.”

Why did he leave the scene at the time? The report revealed, "Soules stated he was scared and did not want to hurt his insurance so he left the scene.”

Soules blamed the frost on his windows for his inability to see the other vehicle. He eventually pled guilty to the charges and was forced to pay $155.

As for his recent troubles, the State of Iowa is asking to reschedule the preliminary hearing on May 2 to a later date, according to new court documents. Though he has been charged with leaving the scene of a fatal accident, he was not charged with driving under the influence. He was arrested hours after the collision, which left Kenneth Mosher dead.

On Friday, in a pic obtained by In Touch, a police deputy is seen making a visit to Soules' parents' home. A source told the publication, "He showed up at 11 a.m., went into the house for a few minutes, and then came back to his car to retrieve something. Then he went back into the house for about five more minutes, and then left."


TMZ was first to report the news.