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Corey Feldman's Bizarre 'Today' Performance Goes Viral

Corey Feldman's Bizarre 'Today' Performance Goes Viral

Corey Feldman channeled Michael Jackson and the Grim Reaper in equal parts with a bizarre appearance on "Today" Friday — and the performance is going viral for reasons Feldman probably didn't anticipate.

Feldman is best known for his friendship with Jackson and his roles in '80s flicks like "The Goonies," "Stand By Me," "The Lost Boys," and "Licensed to Drive," but he's making a play for a musical career, backed by an all-female band called Corey's Angels.

On "Today," the black-clad performer executed some seriously odd dance moves while his backup group, dressed as haloed angels, repeated the single "Go 4 It's" repetitive chorus.

Feldman dominated Twitter — the reviews were not kind — so if all publicity is good publicity, it could wind up helping his "Angelic 2 the Core" album either way. Or not.

Check out the video here!