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Queen of the ‘Jungle’ Lola Kirke Graces Cover of Village Voice Fashion Issue

“Mozart in the Jungle” star Lola Kirke is gracing the cover of the Village Voice’s first fashion issue in 60 years!


The issue, edited by style journalist Andrea Linett, includes a candid interview with Lola about art-world identity and feminism, as well as a look at the upcoming fashion season, a guided vintage-shopping tour and more.

In the interview, Lola, whose sister Jemima stars in “Girls,” talks about feminism and television.

“I think that re-evaluating the way that we represent women in movies and TV is a huge part of being a feminist now,” she said, adding, "It’s a complicated time to be a feminist. And I’m just grateful to be on a show that’s interested in exploring that.”

Kirke, 25, also discussed her own style and past influences, "I remember, as a kid growing up in the shadow of really stylish, beautiful women, really just trying to adopt exactly what they wore and thinking that if I did, I’d be magically endowed with their characteristics. Other women, their clothes just excited me. Everyone I modeled myself after was pretty unique. And then I shattered that uniqueness by copying them.”

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