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Taylor Swift Shows Up for Jury Duty Like It’s No Big Deal

Taylor Swift Shows Up for Jury Duty Like It’s No Big Deal

Singer Taylor Swift skipped the 2016 MTV VMAs last night for one very big reason… jury duty!

On Monday, Swift was in Nashville, where she was serving her civic duty, just like any other American citizen. On her first day, she even obliged some of her fans who asked her for selfies.

One fan, Tracy Bates, wrote, "#TaylorSwift is on Jury Duty with me. LOL.”

Tracy also shared a sweet video of Taylor engaging in a conversation with the rest of the jurors at a table. Watch!

See more pics of Taylor reporting to court for jury duty below.

Swift was later dismissed from a rape case after she mentioned her civil sexual assault case, which has not yet gone to trial. Reporter Hayley Mason tweeted, "Down to the end, Taylor Swift has been dismissed from the possible jury pool of the rape trial. Other jurors to be sworn in soon." See Hayley's account of Taylor's jury duty appearance.

Though she wasn’t at the MTV VMAs in NYC, Calvin Harris’ song “This Is What You Came For,” which she co-wrote, won Best Male Video.