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Taylor Lautner Reveals Which Taylor Swift Song Is About Him

Taylor Lautner Reveals Which Taylor Swift Song Is About Him

Taylor is finally dishing on Taylor!

Taylor Lautner gave his "Scream Queens" co-stars a spoiler about his ex, Taylor Swift. During a Facebook Live interview he spilled to Lea Michele and John Stamos that Swift did indeed write a song about him. In fact, it's a song that many guessed was about the “Twilight” star.

“It’s called 'Back to December,'” Lautner said.

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Posted by Scream Queens on Monday, August 8, 2016

While Swift prides herself in never revealing the identity of what or who she writes her songs about, fans have speculated that each of her record-breaking hits has a real story and person behind them.

It seemed Swift was talking about Lautner in a 2010 interview when she released "Back to December” as a single from her album "Speak Now." Swift hinted that Lautner was the man behind the lyrics “tan skin” and “sweet smile.”

Swift told a reporter, “This was about a person that was incredible to me, just perfect to me in a relationship.”

Lautner wasn’t too keen on talking about Swift during the livestream.

Lea asked, “Should we talk about it?”

Lautner replied, “No! I don’t know why you guys want to talk about—”

Michele pushed, “Didn’t she write a song about you?”

Lautner relented, “That’s what she does. She writes songs.”

Taylor and Taylor briefly dated after working on the set of "Valentine’s Day" in 2009. In the movie, they had an awkward on-screen romance that clearly followed them off-screen and to a messy breakup.