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Carrie Underwood’s Stunning Confession About Being Bullied

Carrie Underwood’s Stunning Confession About Being Bullied

Big boots, tiny skirts… Carrie Underwood single-handedly made country sexy, from her stage-stomping “Church Bells” smash-hit video to every red carpet she’s walked.

That’s why it was so shocking when she told “Extra” special correspondent Alecia Davis that she was bullied over her weight during her rise to fame.

“It was definitely an introduction into being in the public eye, but it was also… a catalyst for me to say, ‘Okay, I’m not making some healthy choices and maybe I can do more of that, not for those people but for me.’"

She added, “Once I made a couple of decisions that started me going in the right direction, everything kind of fell into place… It was a negative thing that turned into something very positive.”

Underwood took Davis to her hometown in Oklahoma, where she was shooting the new campaign for her CALIA activewear line.

“I love that it’s all about just being real. Workouts don't have to happen in a gym,” the “American Idol” alum said. “We’ve been outside, we've been in a pasture walking horses around, we've been on a softball field — it’s been really great incorporating some very amazing real girls, real life.”

While Alecia was getting a tour from Carrie of her old stomping grounds, the country singer also showed off some kettlebell exercises she uses to get fit. Check them out!

Carrie also opened up about her CALIA swimwear line, believing that real girls with real bodies will love her swimsuits.

Love this swimsuit! #vacation #ocean @caliabycarrie #staythepath

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Carrie explained, “Swimwear was definitely important to me because I find myself, like, in a store like, 'I can’t wear any of this…' I take things to the dressing room feeling defeated.”