Jaycee Dugard’s Captivity-Diary Revelation — What Did She Write?

Last week, Jaycee Dugard made a public appearance at a Barnes & Noble in Los Angeles, where she opened up about her 18-year captivity, according to Radar Online.

Thank you all for making my FIRST book signing a wonderful event!! #barnesandnoble #freedom

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In 1991, she was kidnapped by Phillip Garrido and his wife Nancy, who held her captive in their backyard. While she was being held against her will, Dugard revealed she never stopped dreaming, saying, "Being able to dream is something no one can take away from you.”

Dugard said, "I also used to write in diaries that I wanted to be rescued."

Dugard was on hand to promote her second book, "Freedom: My Book of Firsts.” She told the audience, "This is my first book signing, so forgive me if I sound nervous. This new book is very, very different from my first book. That first book, 'A Stolen Life,' was important for me and hard to do. This new book is not a ‘train-wreck' book. It's about moving on and letting go, laughing out loud, and having hope.”

Despite her painful past, she has an optimistic outlook on life. She pointed out, "I'm truly grateful for every moment I've been given. This new book is about me, enjoying life with my family and friends. I hope this one is joyful to read, and I hope you can hear the joy in it that I had writing it.”

Dugard went on, "I want this book to spread a message that even though we all go through stuff and we all have our stories, it's okay and no one can judge you for that. This book took me a lot of time and I had a lot of help from my therapist Rebecca; she taught me that you can grow from these things and move on and laugh at life.”

The 35-year-old also had one message for her captives, who are both in prison for the kidnapping. She reiterated, "And I want to make it clear that I don't want to give Phillip and Nancy one more moment of my life. I choose to go on. I'm excited to be moving forward.”

“Freedom: My Book of Firsts” is available now.