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Jenna Bush Tried to Play Cupid with Prince Harry and Her Sister… Did It Work?

Jenna Bush Tried to Play Cupid with Prince Harry and Her Sister… Did It Work?

Could the Bush family soon be calling Britain’s most eligible bachelor Prince Harry their son-in-law?

Not so fast. “Extra” caught up with Laura and Jenna Bush to find out what happened after Jenna tried to play cupid with the royal and her twin sister Barbara during a “Today” show segment.

At the time, Harry said “We can talk, maybe off-air,” and Jenna promised, “I’ll give you her number.”

Did Prince Harry ever make that call?

Jenna revealed, “He hasn’t called yet.”

Laura chimed in, “And he’s not going to. He didn’t get any phone numbers.”

Jenna confirmed, “We didn’t give phone numbers. It was really a joke.”

The pair were on hand to talk about their new book “Our Great Big Backyard,” a picture book commemorating the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service.

“It's the centennial of our National Park Service and our national parks are such an American treasure. So, it was the perfect time to tell children and adults to put down all those screens and get outside and visit our national parks,” Laura said.

Jenna added, “My favorite childhood memories were spent outdoors and we didn't have cell phones to distract us so we were just with each other and it was uninterrupted family time and I want my girls to have those same memories, and I want them to get outdoors and play and use their imagination and so, we decided that the book should be written.”

“Our Great Big Backyard” is available now. Buy it here.