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Did Kanye West Fire Bodyguard for Chatting with Kim Kardashian?

Did Kanye West Fire Bodyguard for Chatting with Kim Kardashian?

Rapper Kanye West reportedly fired a member of his security team after catching him talking to Kim Kardashian outside her hotel room just hours before the Met Gala on Monday night.

West allegedly booted bodyguard Steve Stanulis, who has worked with Leonardo DiCaprio and Alanis Morissette when he saw him handing a package to Kim, which had arrived at reception for her. According to an eyewitness, West reportedly said, “This isn’t right!”


Another source told New York Daily News’ “Confidenti@l," "Something happened at the Waldorf Astoria where Kanye just lost it.”

After news broke about Stanulis’ dismissal, he shut down rumors he was flirting with Kim, saying, "I'm a happily married man with three children and I have no comment.”

Kanye’s rep also denied rumors that Stanulis was fired, commenting, “Untrue. No changes have been made to the security team.”

This apparently wasn’t the first time that Kanye confronted Stanulis about Kim — they reportedly had a run-in during New York Fashion Week in February as well.

Before his gig with Kimye, Stanulis was a former NYPD officer, Chippendale dancer, and an actor on "The Sopranos."

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