Kendall Jenner Blows Up at Caitlyn in New 'KUWTK' Clip

There is some serious drama coming to “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” this Sunday!

In a new clip, we see Kendall Jenner yelling at Caitlyn Jenner over the phone.

Kendall is miffed that Caitlyn announced she would attend the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last November, a big modeling gig for Kendall.

"I'm very mad at you about something... did you have your publicist announce that you were going?” Kendall asked, as she got ready for her mom’s Gatsby-themed 60th birthday party. “Because I don't know how everyone knows, and now it's a huge story, and I'm actually pissed at you."

The 20-year-old continued, “Okay, well, I don't want you to go... you're gonna take the biggest night of my life and take it away from me? Thank you. No! You can't! You can come to the f**king afterparty. You can't come!"

In a confessional, Kendall explained, "A lot of people assume I get jobs from my family, but it's actually kind of the opposite: It made me have to work even harder to get what I wanted. So I get scared that if my dad goes, it's kind of a media frenzy."

They must have made up because, it turns out Caitlyn did attend the VS Fashion Show, and so did Kris.

Tune in to "KUWTK" on E!, Sunday at 9 p.m.