Odell Beckham Jr. on Emily Ratajkowski's Impressive One-Handed Catch: 'She Pretty Much Had It Down'

Super Bowl 50 is airing some of the most epic commercials, including a Buick ad featuring football superstar Odell Beckham Jr. and supermodel Emily Ratajkowski.

Just days before the big game, "Extra" spoke to Odell about shooting the ad, which was his first Super Bowl commercial ever. He said  about the experience, "It's great! When you grow up watching the Super Bowl and remembering the legendary Super Bowl commercials, they usually stick to you for a long time, so hopefully this is one that just sticks. It was a lot of fun, you know, being on set with Emily. It was a lot of fun to able to do something like that."

Though Emily and Odell only share a brief moment together in the commercial, they got to share some fun moments on the set. He revealed, "We were both pretty busy, she had a very busy schedule, so the time that we did get to work with each other was just clowning around, kinda enjoy life and have fun, and try to teach her a few dance moves."

[Credit: Buick]

In the commercial, Emily caught a bouquet of flowers with one hand, similar to what Odell has become famous for as a wide receiver for the New York Giants. When asked if he gave her any tips for the commercial, he shared, "She pretty much had it down, she knew what she was doing. I think she did a phenomenal job bringing a lot of energy." Watch!

Emily and Odell were promoting the Buick Cascada, which is the car maker's first drop-top in 25 years. Neither were able to take the  driver's seat in the commercial, but we were able to find out where Odell would take the car if he had the chance: "Somewhere in Southern California. You gotta go somewhere to drop the top."

Millions of people are watching the Super Bowl right now, but we asked Odell for his predictions on the game. He replied, "It's tough  right now, who's going to win the game. You have Cam Newton playing at a very high level, the Broncos defense, too, is very good. On top of that, you know, people tend to forget that the Broncos quarterback is Peyton Manning. Anything is possible in this game, I think it is all gonna depend on what the Broncos do to slow Cam down."

Speaking of Cam Newton, he recently made headlines for his bold Versace zebra pants, which cost around $850. Odell, who is a stylish guy in his own right, gave his opinion on Cam's fashion statement. He said, "Cam can wear whatever he wants to wear. I think life is about being bold and having fun. If you're confident enough to do something like that, go ahead and do it. I'm all for it, I loved it. The pants probably only look like that cause he's 6’5", 260 lbs."

Though Odell is known for his football talents, he has been testing out Hollywood and will be appearing in next week's episode of "Code Black." When asked if he'll be acting more, he answered, "I don't know what the future holds; it's something that's interesting to me and fun. If you have the possibility to do more and the right opportunity, I could see myself doing it. Right now, the biggest focus is always going to be football and making sure you perform at the highest level."

Odell had football on his mind, even after his team missed the play-offs this season. One would think that he recently went to Hawaii for a vacation, but he was there for the Pro Bowl instead! Of that trip, he said, "I just got to experience it and see the island. I didn't get to go into the water like I wanted to, but that'll be for another time."

At the Pro Bowl, Odell had a chance to speak with football legend Jerry Rice. He gushed, "To be able to sit there and pick his brain, and hearing all the stories about how things were and what it took to be at that level and everything — you just have to take it all in. You can use that information and knowledge to help better yourself, or take it as a grain of salt. I chose to take all the knowledge in and use it to go forward. It's great to be able to be around Jerry like that. Every receiver wanted to be where he's at."

We wouldn’t be surprised to see Odell in Jerry's shoes in the future, and we'll probably see him in more Super Bowl commercials along the way!