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Megyn Kelly Talks Donald Trump, Says Skipping Debate Would Be 'Bad Decision'

Megyn Kelly Talks Donald Trump, Says Skipping Debate Would Be 'Bad Decision'

The war of words between Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump and FOX News host Meygn Kelly continued on Tuesday.

The dispute culminated with Donald announcing he will not participate in Thursday’s Republican debate on FOX News. The debate is the last before the Iowa caucuses and will be moderated by Kelly.

“Extra’s” AJ Calloway was with Megyn on the set of her show “The Kelly File” as the news broke. Kelly told AJ, “It would probably be a bad decision to not show up at the FOX News debate.” She went on, “I think this is the last chance they have before voting begins and he’s still within two points of Ted Cruz. It’s a tight race out there, but obviously it’s up to Mr. Trump whether he’s there or not there the show will go on.”

Kelly set the record straight on whether she does have a bias against Mr. Trump, “Of course there is no bias there whatsoever.” Adamant she is just doing her job, she added, “I neither like nor dislike him, I don’t have any feelings about them, I study these guys as subjects, they are subjects for me to study and to help the audience get to know, so I don’t really spend a lot of time thinking about him.”

While Trump has officially said he is boycotting at the time Kelly said she thinks we still have a ways to go before the actual debate, “I will be surprised if he doesn’t show up, Donald Trump is a showman, he’s very good at generating interest, perhaps this is an effort to generate interest in our debate, if it is that is great, maybe we will have more eyeballs, if he doesn’t show up maybe we will have fewer eyeballs, but either way it is going to be ok.”

She’s ready with questions for Trump, “They’ve been written for over a week now… They are tough questions, but they are fair questions and he will get hit no harder than anyone else on that stage.”

While it is yet to be seen whether he will attend, Kelly will continue to be on her set of “The Kelly File” laughing off Trump’s claims that he discovered her, “I don’t think he really means a statement like that.” She added that the public attacks can be hard on her husband Daniel Kendall, “He doesn’t like to see me get attacked, but it’s part of the business I’ve chosen.”