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Proudly 'Imperfect' Kendall Jenner Has a Message for Her Haters

Proudly 'Imperfect' Kendall Jenner Has a Message for Her Haters
[Credit: Instagram @kendalljenner]
Kendall Jenner has a healthy attitude toward her haters: Ignore, ignore, ignore.

People magazine reports that the rising-star model doesn't even read all those nasty Instagram comments that litter her posts.

She said in a recent News Corp. Q&A, "I don't read anything of that nature. If you put yourself in that position, you're not going to be happy."

Another way to express this attitude may have been reflected in a recent Instagram post, in which she gave the finger to the camera from between her legs. It definitely sent a message to anyone who would try to bring her down.

Jenner also used the fresh interview to speak out against the pressure to be perfect, something that she knows affects young women in particular.

"I know some of the most beautiful people out there," she said. "I know they're not perfect, whether that's on the outside or the inside. No one will ever be perfect, so it's just stupid to put someone's face on a magazine cover saying, 'This is what you should look like.' It's kind of my job, but it's not real life."