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John Travolta's Wife Kelly Preston Reveals How Many Times She Watched 'Grease'

John Travolta's Wife Kelly Preston Reveals How Many Times She Watched "Grease."

Posted by Extra on Monday, November 16, 2015

This past weekend, John Travolta spoke to "Extra" at the Napa Valley Film Festival, where he was being honored with the Career Achievement Award.

When asked about his favorite role, he responded, "I don’t have a favorite role, but I have favorite experiences: 'Saturday Night Fever,' 'Urban Cowboy,' 'Pulp Fiction,' [and] 'Hairspray.'"

John's wife Kelly Preston was also on hand to show her support and gushed, "He is, I feel, one of our greatest actors ever."

Kelly revealed her favorite movie that John has done. She shared, "'Grease.' I've only seen that 100 times."

John only had wonderful things to say about "Extra's" Mario Lopez, who will be playing Vince Fontaine in FOX's upcoming live production of 'Grease.' "That's perfect. Oh, my God... I did not know that. He'll nail it."

Speaking of nailing it, Travolta transformed himself for the part of Robert Shapiro in FX's upcoming miniseries "American Crime Story: The People Vs. O.J. Simpson." He really prepped for the role, saying, "Did a lot of research on Shapiro. Read the books, videos. I know that he supported my being cast. He wrote me a very nice letter about it."

Travolta is also starring in a new drama called "Life on the Line" with Kate Bosworth. The movie focuses on a crew that does high-risk work on electrical grids, but gets hit by a sudden and deadly storm. He shared, "It is a wonderful story. I think this is a nice homage to [that crew]."

"Life on the Line" is coming to theaters soon.