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Lamar Odom Continues to Improve – See the Latest on His Condition

Lamar Odom Continues to Improve – See the Latest on His Condition
Though Lamar Odom remains in the hospital, he is doing much better than he was last week.

A source told People, "He is still in the ICU, is receiving oxygen, and sleeps a lot. He is not talking, but seems to understand when Khloé and the medical staff speak to him."

While he rests, he is surrounded by his family and ex Khloé Kardashian, who rushed to his side after hearing about his hospitalization. The source added, "Khloé still hasn't left his side and looks very tired. As soon as Lamar wakes up, she rushes over to hold his hand. She sleeps on a pullout bed next to Lamar."

Another insider said to E! News on Sunday, "Lamar is slowly making progress. Today has been a good day. There's a lot of praying going on."

It has been reported that since Odom has woken up from his coma, he has spoken to Khloé, communicated using hand signals, can breathe on his own, passed an important "swallow test," and has left his hospital bed.

He still has a long way to go, and remains on dialysis after suffering kidney failure. Doctors are still performing tests to see how much brain damage he may have suffered from his reported drug overdose.

Dr. Drew (who is not treating Lamar) recently sat down with "Extra" to discuss Lamar's health and the possible medical issues he may face in the future. Drew said, "Whether or not he's going to be Lamar again... the person that everyone loves... is very much dependent on what kind of damage occurred." Watch!