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Sandra Bullock Says Her Son Made Her Change in the 'Best Way'

Sandra Bullock Says Her Son Made Her Change in the 'Best Way'
Matt Irwin
Oscar winner Sandra Bullock opened up about how her life has changed since her son Louis came into her life, in the November issue of Glamour.

Bullock revealed, "Well, I did some stupid things in college. Fact that I didn't wind up in jail: miracle. Miracle! So I'm grateful for that. But, you know, I don't feel like I was an adult till about five years ago. I had to step back and go, 'I have the greatest gift in little Louis, and I'm gonna let him see the woman I want him to know.' So a child forces you to get your sh-t together. In the best way.”
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[Credit: Matt Irwin/Glamour]
Sandra also admitted that she was worried about the world that Louis lives in and the impact that race relations will have on his life. “You see how far we’ve come in civil rights—and where we’ve gotten back to now. I want my son to be safe. I want my son to be judged for the man he is. We are at a point now where if we don’t do something, we will have destroyed what so many amazing people have done. You look at women’s rights; it’s turning into a mad, mad world out there. But sometimes it needs to get really loud for people to say, ‘I can’t unsee this.’ If I could ride in a bubble with him for the rest of his life, I would. But I can’t.”

Louis isn’t the only man in her life — she is romancing photographer Bryan Randall, who may be the lucky guy to see her in her high school cheerleader uniform. She is still holding onto the uniform, joking, "That might come in handy some sexy night. I don't know who I'm saving it for. I want to be buried in it."

Aside from spending time with the two men in her life, Sandra is busy making hit movies, where she is mostly seen playing the protagonist. Of her early career, she shared, “They didn’t want me to be the girl. ’Cause I wasn’t classically beautiful. I loved comedy. I was the best friend. I wasn’t a leading lady. [But] it allowed me to express myself in a more authentic way. Because I didn’t fit a certain type, it gave me the career I wanted.”
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[Credit: Matt Irwin/Glamour]
For more on Sandra, read the rest of her interview in Glamour’s November issue, out on newsstands October 13.