Jon Stewart Says Goodbye to 'Daily Show,' Stars Say Farewell

Jon Stewart Says Goodbye to 'Daily Show,' Stars Say Farewell
All eyes were on Jon Stewart last night for his last taping of the "Daily Show," but he diverted attention to his staff.

In the one-hour finale, Jon focused on all of the comedians and his support staff who contributed to the program for the past 16 years. “There are days where you come in and the confusion and the fog is everywhere, and the people here never fail to have my back on those moments. Somebody in the building bringing inspiration – ideas, tenacity, hard work – it’s the thing I’m proudest of, of this place. It’s not the show. It’s the process of the show. It’s the people of the show and the atmosphere.”

He added, “This is the most beautiful place I have been and I’ll never have that again, and I had to come to terms with that before leaving."

The finale featured taped cameos from Bill O’Reilly, Senator John McCain, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, and Craig Kilborn. Jon was joined for his last taping by Stephen Colbert, Steve Carell, John Oliver, Larry Wilmore, who all began their careers on the show. Watch Jon get emotional while Stephen honored him!
Jon was clearly in good spirits as he left the studio after the taping, and many stars took to Twitter to bid him farewell.
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Jerry Seinfeld said, "Wish you all best, dude. Keep taking those fantastic pauses, inhales, slow squint then drop funny line... Love you, man.”

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