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Shocking Death Threats 'Married at First Sight' Husband Allegedly Made Against Wife

Shocking Death Threats 'Married at First Sight' Husband Allegedly Made Against Wife

It’s not happily ever after for Jessica Castro and Ryan De Nino, who tied the knot on A&E’s “Married at First Sight,” the reality show about couples who agree to marry just after meeting.

The couple split in February after she accused him of cheating, now Castro has filed a protective order against De Nino.

In a Queens Family Court petition obtained by the New York Post, Castro says her ex threatened her and her family.

According to the documents, he said, “I will break you into f**king pieces. I will break your dad into pieces. I will make your whole family disappear — and your f**king dog-ass sister’s boyfriend.”

[Credit: A&E] 

It gets worse. While taping a “Married at First Sight” reunion show in May, De Nino allegedly made this sinister comment, without realizing his microphone was on, “She’s f**king dead. When I get back to Brooklyn, she’s f**king dead, this girl.”

A&E reportedly took the threat seriously and ordered security for Castro.

Now, De Nino is facing harassment, menacing and stalking charges, and has been ordered to stay away from his wife until their July 13 court hearing.

Castro’s lawyer told the Post that she is “considering all her legal options,” while De Nino took to Intstagram with a snapshot of the court docs, and a message to followers that included, “Bash me all you want, say whatever it is about me just remember this board don't break for nada.”

Kinetic Content, the producers of “Married at First Sight,” released the following statement, “We don't know all the details and can't comment on the specifics. What we can say is that unfortunately, couples on the show can go through real divorces, and divorce can often be difficult.”

The statement continued, “The experts on our show have the best of intentions and highest hopes for success for each couple. After undergoing extensive background and psychological checks by third parties, couples agree to be legally married on our show. We document their journey for six weeks after their wedding, but we can't control how they behave, or govern their actions after production.

Our thoughts are with these individuals, and as always we have offered each of them significant aftercare resources. We wish them nothing but the best, and hope they have a bright future ahead of them.”

The reunion special airs Tuesday at 9 PM on A&E.